A downloadable game for Windows

You discover a strange artifact that lets you see into the future and swap one outcome for another. So it should be easy for you to take over the nearby castle. Your enemies will never be able to strike you with your new powers … right?

Critical Keep is a roguelike where the random numbers are visible to you and you can swap them at will. See an incoming critical hit that would end your run? Take it for yourself and turn the tables on your enemy!

  • Collect weapons with strange properties on critical hit
  • Permanently boost your abilities with tonics
  • Save a smoke bomb or two for when things get out of control

Can you conquer all eight floors of the keep?

Created for the 7DRL Challenge 2019


Windows Executable 28 MB
Python Source Code 61 kB


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I have just seen a video of this nice game on the channel of Rogueliker.